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The Protea Reserve Wagyu Co (PRWC) is the largest Wagyu cooperative in South Africa.

"Our mission is to establish a secure network of suppliers and markets of Certified Wagyu Beef with the ultimate purpose to sell and export premium product"

All our producers prescribe to the ISO 22000 approved Certified Wagyu Beef (CWB) protocol implemented by the Wagyu Society of South Africa, and third-party audited by CPG, who have their head office in Dubai.  All partners involved in the Wagyu value chain created by PRWC prescribe to this protocol, including feedlots and abattoirs.

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Our Wagyu is ethically and sustainably produced, free of hormones and antibiotics.  All Wagyu registered under CWB requires RFID tags and DNA verification, which allows us to provide full traceability of all the products offered, back to the source of origin.

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Wagyu beef is internationally sought-after and known for its juiciness, tenderness, and intense flavours. Wagyu cattle are genetically predisposition to have intramuscular fat (marbling) between the beef cells. It is also considered as one of the healthiest protein sources containing 50% higher monounsaturated fats and 3x more omega oils, compared to commercial beef.


Wagyu Silverside is a cut of from the hindquarter of cattle that makes up 4.51% of a carcass. Silverside is boned out from the top along with the Topside and Thick flank. The fine marbling of our premium Wagyu Silverside makes it delicious, juicy, and tender. It can be thinly sliced for minute steaks, it can be cured and boiled or even slow cooked in the oven. In South Africa this cut is often used to make Wagyu biltong – a fine and delicious delicacy that will convince even the most critical gourmets.

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