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We know too well that the production of Agricultural and Beef Products is a slow and expensive venture. It is understandably difficult for any single farmer to produce enough valuable products to supply customers where there is a continuous and consistent demand.

PRC has identified a corporate solution to provide farmers the opportunity to establish a fruitful collaboration whereby the farmers supply qualifying agricultural products to PRC who will in turn resell and supply the product to high-profile businesses. 


Through our business model, PRC stimulates profitable production in South Africa, establishes a secure network of suppliers and identifies secure local and international markets for Wagyu beef.


With our resources, we are able to set up  reliable logistics networks, necessary infrastructures and perform continuous product & market research to ensure lucrative business development for all participants.

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If you are interested in more information, become a Wagyu breeder or to join our team as an investor, please contact us and we gladly will provide more information and a suitable solution for your participation.

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